Preparing for your ski holiday

Top tips for a great ski holiday - preparing the way for a smooth week on the slopes.

Preparing for your ski holiday

Preparing for your next ski holiday? Read our handy guide

Clothing and kit

Ski clothing doesn’t have to be costly! There are a few basics which are vital including good quality gloves, goggles, sunglasses – and most importantly a HELMET! Before a first holiday it’s worth asking friends if they can lend you clothing or essential items of kit. Or check out the ski clothing at TK Maxx for some fabulous bargains.

Young children have a tendency to drop everything – everywhere! Keep all essentials as secure as possible, tie gloves into jackets and put lift passes into secure pockets. Children feel the extremes of heat and cold more quickly than adults so snacks, drinks and enough layers are essential. Goggles are preferable for children as they clip onto the helmet and stay on more easily, offering better eye protection.

Get fit to ski!

Skiers of all ages and abilities will benefit hugely from pre-ski fitness training routines. Increasing flexibility, gaining strength and additional body condition, all help to meet with the additional demands skiing can make on the body.  Look out for ski fit classes at your local gym, or gen up on the internet. Graham Bell provides some useful pre-ski fitness tips on The Ski Club of Great Britain website.

Massage improves mobility, increases circulation and strength and plays a vital role in supporting and maintaining any fitness routine. SB Ski’s well-qualified resident massage therapist at the Hotel Chalet d’Antoine offers a range of sports massages for holiday skiers. These include pre-ski, deep-tissue and clinical sports massage. These vital treatments can help to prevent injury, alleviate pain, treat certain injuries, or bring relief to tired muscles.

Take a course of lessons at a UK snow slope – or dry ski slope

For first time skiers, SB Ski recommends taking a course of lessons at one of the UK’s many snow slopes or dry ski slopes. This is a requirement for very young children taking SB Ski group lessons as it enables them to gain some basic skills and confidence to fit in with other children. While not compulsory for adult beginners, these early lessons can really help skiers get ahead quickly.

Wherever you live in the UK there will be a slope near you!

Guildford Ski Slope, Guildford

James Harrison established Guildford Ski Slope some 30 years ago and from modest beginnings the centre has continued to expand, leading to a complete rebuild in 2009. The team, headed up by James, are all passionate about skiing and love nothing more than being able to pass on their enthusiasm for the sport. At Guildford Ski Slope the emphasis is on teaching skiing and snowboarding, with instruction for all levels.

Visit their website for more details, or phone James on 01483 504988.

Preparing for your ski holidayPre-book the Evasion Mont-Blanc Lift Pass – and save money

Chill out from day one!  Local area lift passes can be purchased through SB Ski by pre-booking before departure. By paying in sterling you will enjoy a saving. Or you can purchase through SB Ski in resort by credit card. Lift passes are then available to collect on your first ski morning.

The Evasion Mont-Blanc lift pass covers the Megève area offering over 445kms of marked pistes and a huge variety of terrain choices for skiers of all levels.

Staying safe in the mountains

While a holiday is all about having a great time, taking a few easy precautions can really help to make everything run smoothly. Treat the mountains with the highest respect at all times. Skiers should be aware of the FIS Ski Code printed on the piste map. This outlines how to ski safely and ensure that others remain safe too.

The weather is constantly changing in the mountains, often very quickly. Check the local forecast posted up in the chalet each morning and wear enough clothes to stay warm. Always use sunscreen and have suitable eye protection to cope with changing light conditions. Skiing at altitude means that even on cloudy days you need to take regular stops to rehydrate.

Now all that’s left is to have a fantastic time!