Ssshh…summer secret picnic spot

Posted 24th July 2018

Sshhhh… secret summer picnic spot

I would not have known about this little gem had it not been for my family friend who showed me on a quick picnic trip at the end of the winter. I guess that is one of the many things I love about it – the fact that it is so quiet and you wouldn’t know about it unless you had been shown. Walk or take the car mid-way up Jaillet and you will find yourself at this gorgeous little spot, with 360 degree views, and a place where you can start several hikes.

Before the pool at Le Palais opened, we often found ourselves taking blankets, bikinis and snacks up there for a quick sunbathe on our afternoons off, and even now it is perfect for 30 minutes of peace away from busy Megève.

In one direction you have Mont Blanc right in front of you, turn to the left and there is the Aiguille de Varens. To the right you look over to Megève and behind are several chalets and a heard of cows ringing their bells in the summer sun… bliss!!

Want to find out where this secret spot is? Just follow our Instagram @chaletantoinemegeve and send us a private message. I’ll give you all the details for your summer holiday!