Muscle of the week – Mr QL

Posted 17th February 2017

Quadratus lumborum

Over the past few weeks since the heavens opened and heaps of snow dumped down, the skiing here in Megeve has been excellent and we have all been out on the slopes for longer and working hard on our technique.

There has been a certain muscle which many of our guests, when taking a treatment with me have mentioned as slightly painful.  In anatomical terms it is called the quadratus lumborum, to you and I it is that deep muscle in the lower back that we find hard to stretch.  Yes, this is one muscle that definitely works when skiing. This lovely muscle (AKA the QL) activates with all movements made whilst skiing, such as flexing your knees, rotating and planting the pole.



Here is a simple stretch to do before skiing which will help stimulate blood flow to avoid muscle fatigue.


Miranda Jankowska; FHT, ISRM, LSSM (Dip)

Sports therapist at the Hotel Chalet d’Antoine