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Posted 19th June 2018

Summer in the Alps is perfect for a little relaxation…

Summer in the Alps is perfect for a little relaxation, detox and me-time.  Whilst the beautiful, snowy winters are jam-packed with skiing, tourists and a perhaps little-too-much fondue. Luckily, Megève is filled with beautiful spas, and even if some are a little too out of my price range, I came across an affordable but equally as luxurious place to spend the morning of my day off recuperating from a busy week in the hotel.


Le Palais, the sports centre, has recently had a huge extension put onto it, making it currently the largest sports centre in the Alps – mad isn’t it! It keeps the same ice rink, Olympic outdoor swimming pool (which opens on 23 June – can’t wait), and conference centres, it now sports (get it?!) a brand-new gym, spa, hydrotherapy pool, rock-climbing centre, and more.  I started off my morning with a gym session, at the impressive ‘espace forme’, in order to not feel quite so guilty about that pizza I ate last night (!) then walked over to the spa.  The spa runs in association with Pure Altitude – a Megève skincare brand, by the Maisons Sibuet group – meaning that their beautiful products and techniques are used in the sports centre too. I opted for my first ever massage – a relaxation massage for 25 minutes, including one hour’s entry to the spa beforehand for a total cost of 55€ – marginally less expensive than some of the other prices in the town – but let’s be honest, Megève isn’t exactly known for its budget lifestyle! The spa menu is huge and there were so many other options for massages, including back and sports, as well as facials, scrubs and much, much more.  On entry I was given a locker with everything inside that I would need – towels and a bathrobe with an absolutely gorgeous mountain print on it (can I keep it?). All of the shower gels and shampoo in the showers before you enter into the spa are by Pure Altitude too and smell absolutely amazing. Time to r e l a x… In the hour before the massage, I opted for the hot tub, steam room and sauna, with dips in the rejuvenating cold pools in between. I rehydrated myself with the selection of infusion teas, which the French, and now myself, love.  The massage itself took place in a private room, dimly lit, with beautiful-smelling candles and calming music. Being my first massage, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but it was exactly what I needed after a long week of being on my feet entertaining guests, and exploring the mountains in my free-time. By the end of it I was so relaxed that I felt almost drowsy! I recuperated myself with another tea and headed straight home to bed!

Photo credits – Isabella Duder

Blog by Isabella Duder