Looking back at the Jazz festival here in Megève

Posted 8th August 2018

Every summer in Megève..

I look forward to the Jazz festival which takes place early July. We always have returning guests who either play in the contest or love to come and watch it, and they have a good reason to!

Over a three-day period numerous talents play throughout the streets of Megève, day and night, in order to win the renowned title. The best part of it all, is that it is completely free! You can walk through the streets and on every corner there is a different group playing – near the Salon de thé, Spaggiari, tourist office, St Paul’s… you name it. From 9pm, the big stage in front of the church is set up and the big performances take place for a big crowd.

While I absolutely adore the music which takes place during the contest, my favourite part of the whole thing is the improvisations which take place randomly at bars in the evening. If you are in the right place at right time, you’ll come across groups of about 20 musicians all playing together with crowds of people surrounding them.

My colleague and chalet host Fred has been playing the trumpet for years and decided to join in. Being the youngest musician there, he was welcomed into the improvisation and was encouraged to perform many solos. It was amazing to watch somebody with such talent shine in front of a huge crowd! So proud!

Here are a few photos from the contests which took place, and check out our Instagram @chaletantoinemegeve for the videos and to keep up to date with our whereabouts!