Covid insurance & accommodation voucher scheme now available

Posted 9th August 2020


We would highly recommend that you take out additional Coronavirus travel insurance. Many travel insurance policies will no longer cover you as standard if your holiday is disrupted due to Coronavirus, but there are many new policies and add-ons appearing on the market that will.  We have sourced and found a number of Insurance providers who will cover cancellation and resort closure in the event of another Covid outbreak. 

Please click on this link for further details  

In the current uncertain circumstances, all guests making a booking with us will require to have insurance cover in place which covers cancellation due to an outbreak of Covid-19 and any related illness. Whilst we are not selling their policies we would stress that it is part of our terms and conditions that the relevant cover is in place at the time of booking your stay. In the unlikely event that you claim and that after pursuing your insurance provider your Covid-19 compliant insurance policy doesn’t pay-out for covid related cancellation, we will issue an accommodation voucher for use at the Chalet d’Antoine during the 2021/2022 winter season.