Here at SB Ski, we’ve got herbivores covered

Posted 4th March 2017

Listen up vegans and vegetarians out there!

There are many reasons why people choose to become a vegan or vegetarian.  Some dislike the flavour, others the texture, many just can’t bear the thought of munching down on a slice of Bambi or Ermintrude and plenty look at it from a more ethical stance. Whatever the reason is, vegetarians and vegans still want tasty food that fills a hole.

We often listen to stories from party leaders planning a ski holiday for family or ski friends, telling us their problem of taking a vegan or vegetarian away with them and being unsure if this person’s dietary needs will be catered for. Worrying if their friend may have to spend the whole ski holiday having to eat yet another  ‘veggie-side-as-a-main-course’….well for those of you with the same problem, look no further!

Here at SB Ski we actively cater for vegans and vegetarians. Head chef Toby proudly points out that his wife, Maree is highly trained and skilled at preparing such dishes adding that they are different and more exciting than you’ll find in other more ‘mainstream’ ski chalets.


Please contact Brenda and explain all your party/family dietary needs – we’re confident you won’t look back once you’ve holidayed with us once!