Covid 19 FAQ’s

Posted 7th September 2020

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding Covid 19

What happen if the hotel closes before we get there?

In such circumstances your own policy would normally cover you for any loss, however if we are forced to close the hotel by the French authorities, and your policy doesn’t cover this event then we will offer an accommodation voucher to you for a stay before May 2022. 

What happens if the resort is closed when we are there?

If we have to close the hotel because the French authorities close the resort your policy should cover you for this in terms of “disruption” or “curtailment” cover. If after making a claim the insurance provider refuses to pay out, we will offer you an accommodation voucher for the remaining days you’ve missed during season 2021/22.

What happens if I decide to cancel my accommodation at Chalet d’Antoine because of Covid 19?

The reason we insist that all guests have a Covid compliant policy in place when they book with us, is because you will need to make a claim with your insurance provider if you cancel. As part of our terms and conditions and because we are a small family run business we don’t provide refunds if you cancel your stay and we need to try and make sure that you will be protected as much as possible if such an event occurs, for any reason. If you have a covid compliant policy, please check with your provider to see that you will get your money back if you decide to cancel your stay because of anything Covid.

What happens if I need to cancel because I’ve caught Covid or I am told I have to self-isolate before my holiday or that I need to isolate when I come back?

In such an event, which is really just an extension of the question above, you will need to make a claim with your insurance provider as you are in effect cancelling your stay with us – we’re still here and ready to ski but it would be you that was cancelling their stay.  Please check to see that you are covered for this in terms of your policy before you book. 

This is all very complicated. What’s the easiest way of thinking about this insurance cover & claims carry-on?

We think the best way of thinking about this is that if you cancel, you claim and if we cancel and you can’t claim, we will provide you with a voucher for you to come back next year. We hope this helps, but please check with your insurance provider that you are covered for everything Covid related you can think of that would interrupt your stay with us.