Blog – My trip to Annecy

Posted 25th June 2018

No matter how many times I visit Annecy..

..without fail I will be getting my camera out and taking pictures every 5 seconds. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, and absolutely Instagram-worthy.

Annecy is situated only 1h30 drive from Megève and boasts a stunning lake which houses many other towns and villages. Megève is very far from the sea, being in the middle of the French Alps, so it is ideal to escape to Annecy, enjoy a dip in the lake and pretend you’re in the Mediterranean!

The drive to the town is stunning, through winding mountain gorges and along the length of the turquoise-blue lake. We passed lots of cyclists on our way there, who bike around the entirety of the lake, which apparently takes 2-3 hours and you can hire bikes for this popular cycle route. Annecy itself is picture perfect and is known as the Venice of the Alps, with canals running alongside the streets.

The first stop was lunch at a restaurant alongside one of the canals followed by ice cream at one of its many shops with 70 different (often bizarre) flavours (!), and after looking through the many shops we went for a walk around the lake. Megève has some very beautiful boutiques dotted around the town but for more mainstream shops like Zara, Mango, H&M and even Sephora, Annecy is the place to go.

Le Pont des Amours is a well-known tourist spot for photo opportunities, overlooking the beautiful blue lake, and is next to a large park and the water’s edge where you can rent paddleboards, pedalos and even motorboats (I would highly recommend!). We didn’t get around to doing it this time but I can imagine I’ll be coming many more times this summer!

Late afternoon we got back in the car and drove around to a beautiful spot in Menthon-Saint-Bernard which is a little further around the lake. Our friend Briony knows all


the free parking spots and walked us down to a decking on the river. It was such a beautiful evening we were sunbathing and swimming and before we knew it, it was 7pm!

At the hotel we get so many guests who travel around the Alps in the summer and they never miss Annecy – I would highly recommend it to anybody in the region!

Blog & photo credits – Isabella Duder